Let the Randomness Begin! is the first chapter of the fanfiction, "When Starclan Gets Bored". It is followed by The Beginning Randomness and DA Deputies.


When the cats of StarClan become bored of the Clans, Yellowfang hypnotizes them to inspire randomness.


The chapter begins with StarClan cats gazing into a "looking puddle" at a ThunderClan patrol hunting prey. Bluestar comments that the Clans are too boring. Lionheart recalls Yellowfang mentioning that she can hypnotize cats. From the former ThunderClan tom's words, she decides to summon the Clans to StarClan for hypnotism. Bramblestar thinks that Jayfeather is stalking his dreams, but the latter claims he isn't. Yellowfang swings her tail back and forth to start up her hypnosis powers. She, along with Bluestar and Mousefur, tell the hypnotized cats that when they wake up, they will become very crazy and very random. The Clans are sent back to the surface to wake up.