Amidst the fanfiction, "When StarClan Get Bored", real-world aspects are used.

List of Real World Mentions

  • In "The Lovepool", Kestrelflight looks at the Harry Potter book series and falls in love with it due to the Love Potion in the Moonpool.
  • In "The Gangnam Gathering and Ferncloud", Gangnam Style by PSY is used for the dance contest.
  • In "The Gangnam Gathering and Ferncloud", DA REPLACEMENT RUSSETFUR owns an Apple iPod.
  • In "In Honor of the Hurricane named Sandy", one of Ferncloud's new kits is named CocoaPuffkit after the General Mills cereal, Cocoa Puffs.
  • In "In Honor of the Hurricane named Sandy", three of Ferncloud's new kits are named Snapkit, Cracklekit, and Popkit after the slogan of the Kellogg's cereal, Rice Krispies.
  • In "In Honor of the Hurricane named Sandy", one of Ferncloud's new kits is named Chucklezkit after the author.
  • In "In Honor of the Hurricane named Sandy", a kit by the name of Peetakit shows up and declares that there should be a Hunger Games.
  • In "The Random Reaping", a kit named Katnisskit appears with Peetakit to pull out tributes from each "district".
  • In "YOU JUST GOT PRANKED!", Chucklezkit's yell is compared to Ashton Kutcher.
  • In "YOU JUST GOT PRANKED!", Snapkit, Cracklekit, and Popkit host a funeral for a half-eaten Rice Krispie Treat named Ricey.
  • In "Prank War Day 1", Brightheart says "You just got Punk'd!" to Cloudtail. The latter questions his mate if she watches "Punk'd".
  • In "Prank War Day 2", Lionblaze shares his fake opinions of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer.
  • In "Prank War Day 2", the password for Pranksters United is "I solemnly swear I am up to no good." which are the words used to reveal the contents of the Marauder's Map in the Harry Potter series.
  • In "Prank War Day 3", Moleohimustbecomingdownwithacold tricks the she-cats into thinking Justin Bieber is in the dirtplace.
  • In "Prank War Day 4- A New cat Introducing-", Chucklezkit substitutes the cream in Hungrykit's Oreos for toothpaste.
  • In "Prank War Day 5! More New Cats!", Rainbowkit draws a mustache on Jayfeather with a Sharpie.

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