The Beginning Randomness and DA Deputies is the second chapter of "When StarClan Gets Bored" It is preceded by "Let the Randomness Begin!" and followed by "The Lovepool".


The Clans begin their first day in their random lives. Suddenly, four new cats arrive to be the new deputies of each Clan.


Bramblestar calls everyone out to the "AwesomeRock" for Cherrypaw and Molepaw's warrior ceremony and Seedkit and Lilykit's apprentice ceremony. After the ceremonies, DA PIE appears in ThunderClan to make their lives more interesting. Bramblestar then renames ThunderClan as KittypetClan and takes DA PIE as his deputy.

In RiverClan, Mistystar begins to show a strong dislike for her current deputy, Reedwhisker, because of his grumpiness. She considers a new deputy. This causes Hawkfrost to appear and attempt to take the role. However, Mistystar denies his offer, much to the Dark Forest cat's dismay. Then, DA EPIC ONE appears as Mistystar's dream deputy. DA EPIC ONE is immediately accepted as deputy. Under DA EPIC ONE instructions, RiverClan bombs the lake and causes a drought.

In ShadowClan, Blackstar reminisces the loss of Russetfur and shows dislike for Rowanclaw. Then, DA REPLACEMENT RUSSETFUR appears. Blackstar falls in love with DA REPLACEMENT RUSSETFUR and selects her as his new deputy. In StarClan, the real Russetfur gets enraged by DA REPLACEMENT RUSSETFUR for stealing her man.

In WindClan, Onestar shows dislike for Ashfoot, as the deputy is deemed too old to be fun. Then, DA KITTY appears as a replacement. Onestar fires Ashfoot and loses a life. StarClan deems the Clans' new lives more interesting.

Important Events

  • Cherrypaw becomes Cherrypie.
  • Molepaw becomes MoleohImustbecomingdownwithacold.
  • Seedkit becomes Seedpaw.
  • Lilykit becomes Lilypaw.
  • Squirrelflight is removed from her position as deputy in favor of DA PIE.
  • ThunderClan becomes KittypetClan.
  • Reedwhisker is removed from his position as deputy in favor of DA EPIC ONE.
  • The Clans enter a drought.
  • Rowanclaw is removed from his position as deputy in favor of DA REPLACEMENT RUSSETFUR.
  • Ashfoot is removed from his position as deputy in favor of DA KITTY.